Introducing Sql Caddy

Hello all, I would like to introduce Sql Caddy, a new application built to supercharge your query development. Sql Caddy is designed to investigate, store and retrieve database and query information for you instantly in order to keep your mind on the application development, integration or support task at hand. It is a simple tool that adds immediate efficiency for any consultant, developer, support or business personnel working with queries and databases.

Sql Caddy will scout a Sql Server database for you. It will collect incoming query activity running against the database from any application. This information is very helpful when trying to understand a new database that you haven’t seen before or trying to troubleshoot an application. You can set Sql Caddy to collect queries, then go run a task in an application and instantly see what queries that task called for. Sql Caddy will also download all queries from existing views to quickly find relationships, joins, tables and fields in an unfamiliar database.

Sql Caddy breaks every query down into field, table and relationship components to make it super simple for you to find and see what you are looking for. You can strip and store query text from any code, spreadsheet or text file and Sql Caddy will format it and break it down to make it much easier to read. By classifying every query with their individual properties, Sql Caddy can then retrieve them by any way you choose. You can instantly pull up queries by any field, table and relationship filter you can imagine.

So, if you write queries give the free trial a go and let us know what you think…