Find and share sql queries

Sql Caddy is a tool for software analysts and application support professionals to discover, organize and share sql query code. Do you have to reverse engineer existing databases? Do you spend time developing sql that you know has been written before? Do you spend time hunting for relationships, joins, tables or field details in unknown databases with less than perfect design? Does your team write different versions of the same sql query over and over? Do you spend time hunting through databases, sql scripts, code, spreadsheets or Access files for sql code? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Sql Caddy can help you.

    Observe Query Activity

    Sql Caddy will monitor your database, capture queries running from anywhere and optionally filter them on any table, field or relationship combination you specify.

    Example - Watch my database and collect incoming queries that contain the SalesOrderHeader table.

    Collect Queries from Views

    Sql Caddy will collect all queries from database views with the click of a button and again filter based on any table, field or relationship combination you want.

    Example - Get queries from the views in my database that contain the Name field from the AddressType table.

    Save Queries

    Save any query observed or collected from the database. Or copy and paste queries to and from Sql Caddy, Sql Management Studio, Excel, Access, text files, code files, etc.

    Example - Keep track of this query from Accounting’s spreadsheet for future reference.

    Stock Queries

    Each query Sql Caddy receives is broke down into field, table and relationship details, then stored for instant access later from any angle.

    Example - Catalog each query I save so that I can instantly retrieve it by name, field, table or relationship.

    Format Queries

    Sql Caddy will automatically transform query text into an indented, multi-line readable format.

    Example - Here is a long, single line query, make it readable.

    Retrieve Queries

    The real power of Sql Caddy kicks in when you are ready to develop new queries and need examples, table names, field names or relationship details. Using the point and click index, queries are instantly located by any attribute.

    Example - How was the Customer table joined to Person again?

    Become a Query Machine!

    Sql is a fairly simple language. When developing queries, most time is spent figuring out database details or finding that similar line or example you vaguely remember.

    Let Sql Caddy handle it, so you can focus on the task at hand and bang out query after query, database after database.

    Introducing Sql Caddy

    Hello all, I would like to introduce Sql Caddy, a new application built to supercharge your query development. Sql Caddy is designed to investigate, store and retrieve database and query information for you instantly in order to keep your mind on the application development, integration or support task at hand. It is a simple tool that adds immediate efficiency for any consultant, developer, support or business personnel working with queries and databases. [read more]